Policy Governance

Our final meeting on Sunday February 28th 2016, culminated nearly forty hours of committee work completing the first phase of our move to policy governance as our management structure for the future.

This process started with a special meeting held on November 8th 2015 with the vote of the congregational assembly to “Move that we adopt the method of policy governance for First Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School” and to hire a consultant to guide us through the reorganization.  Members of the church council nominated many to serve on the interim board. Those nominees expressed a sincere desire to serve, but many were unable to due to scheduling conflicts and other commitments. Those final nominees who are serving on the interim board are Andrew Coates, David Clark, Mary Chauncey, Nancy Stewart, Rom Schroder, Rick Schroder, Len Higgins, Ron Kebschull, Kevin Dunning, Pastor Cluver and Rick Pollock.

The documents below are the drafts of the committees work. Please review the documents in preparation for discussion at the March Voter’s meeting. A special meeting to pass the final Constitution and Bylaws will be held in April.

Constitution and Bylaws

What is Policy Governance?

Watch these helpful videos for a better understanding of Policy Governance.

Policy Governance Questionnaire

Communicating with the congregation, both to answer questions and further educate members about Policy Governance, is the top priority of the Board of Directors and vital to the process of implementation of Policy Governance.  In order to accomplish this crucial part of implementation the committee has decided to develop a document of Frequently Asked Questions “FAQ”.
The questions you have, no matter how you ask them or the perspective you ask them from, are very important to the committee. We ask that you do not hesitate to put your questions to us as exactly as you might be thinking them, but please do remain within the boundaries of, “Love they neighbor as thyself”.  In order to collect answers and respond in a timely fashion, a link to our survey sheet entitled “Questions You Have About or Related to Policy Governance” is below. Please fill out the form with any questions you may have press “Submit” and the form will be returned to the committee. We will be answering questions and providing additional information to anyone. We will provide the answers in the form of a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document at congregational meetings and posted on this website.


FAQs Answered

Places to Serve