FGS Preschool Chapel

The boys and girls of FGS go to chapel every Wednesday. Each year chapel is based off of a year-long theme. This year’s theme is “Upon This Rock.”  Some Lutheran schools are built on the black soil of the Midwest; some on the red soil of the South; some on the swampy land of the Gulf coast; some on limestone granite or other stones or mountainous and rocky terrain. Various land surfaces around the world provide the foundation for a Lutheran school. Wherever they are found or whatever the land formation, Lutheran schools of all size, all age-level ranges, and all cultural combinations are build on the Rock.

All earthly foundations are vulnerable and changing. Even the most solid rocks erode over time. the prophet Isaiah reminds us that the Lord is the “everlasting rock.” Lutheran schools are build on an unchanging, unalterable, eternal foundation. Lutheran schools are build on the rock of salvation.

The children sing uplifting praise songs and traditional Lutheran hymns. The children especially enjoy the songs with motions and movement. Each class shares a weekly Bible memory verse or a song with the rest of the school. These memory exercises will be held in the hearts and on the minds of our students for years to come.

As our program has developed we have realized the importance of the children being involved in the worship process not only as learners but also as leaders. The fifth graders lead the weekly scripture readings. Several classes have occasionally performed a short skit to go with the weekly theme.

We collect a offering to help others in need. Over the last year we have helped collect money, food, clothing, and toys for many different organizations. This year so far we have helped to support the Lutheran Social Services, Operation Christmas Child.

Please feel free to attend our chapel any time, all are invited and welcome! Our chapel is each Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM. May God bless our worship together!

“Trust in the Lord Forever, for the lord God is an everlasting rock.”

Isaiah 26:4